06.01.2010: PSYCHIC EXISTENTIALISM recording continues. After being in the band for 3 years, Aaron Booe told me he "forgot how to play trombone", and is no longer playing with the band for now. My other band Robe. is in Rue Morgue this month, and has like 500 albums coming out in the next few months/years. Cool, eh? But this is Scissor Shock. And we are recording. But we is me. As I said. So, hey.

03.19.2010: "SYNONYM FOR THE WORD DECAY" finally will get an official release soon, in a deluxe edition with pretty much every song we recorded for the past 2 years tacked onto the end! Whoa! Work on new album PSYCHIC EXISTENTIALISM being soon. The reason for the long delay in updates is because I have spent the past year directing 8 highly successful, award-winning experimental films which I highly reccomend.

05.15.2009: Wow, that's weird.I had to move the page from Geocities to Angelfire. After 5 1/2 years. Economy... anyway, uh, I updated the discography.

01.14.2009: New reviews in the review section. Synonym for the Word Decay out any day now on Laser Seizure Records. Thanks for the support, everyone. It means a lot. We're going to record another album eventually. Bye.

12.01.2007: New review in the reviews section. "tEASE THE SKELETON IS OUT NOW ON DFRP!!!!!!" PLEASE PICK THIS UP! New split with Mossy Throats (through jktapes) out now. Tons of shit coming out. Sent 50 CD's out to different labels, review sites, etc. Cool.

10.14.2007.: New review in the reviews section. New split with KHR out. Upcoming splits: Oubliette, BAYI, Bubblegum Octopus, Ultimate Ultimate, Eddie Edwards, (maybe) Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, etc. Whoa.

08.14.2007: New reviews in the review section.. Foxy Digitalis liked us alright and some other zines and a magazine and whatnot liked us.. cool! "Tease the Skeleton", our best work ever!!!!!!!!!, on DFRP soon.. split on Glitch City with Apophallation coming soon.. finished a new split with KHR.. whee. Too much to do.

07.29.2007: Splits with BAYI, Bubblegum Octopus, and Boy+Girl coming out any idea.. "You're All Slime" and "Tease the Skeleton" also out any day now...

06.17.2007: The Mars Travolta on JKTapes... now! Limited to 50 copies. Go to and order away! Also, we're doing a split with Bayi, a Bubblegum Octopus split is coming out on Kiddieriot, and we're doing a new EP called "Tease the Skeleton" ... soon.

04.15.2007: The Mars Travolta on JKTapes... soon.

03.04.2007: Tin Cans and Twine will now be releasing the It's Okay We're Chainsaws split, and the Mars Travolta is almost done... Jesus. It's the craziest thing we've ever done. And it's been exhausting, but yeah. I updated a bunch of shit on this page.

11.12.2006: Two new splits coming out.. contributions to different comps.. and work continues on "The Mars Travolta". Whoo.

07.16.2006: Actually, the Audiobot EP is going to be a split with It's Okay We're Chainsaws. And we're also doing a split with A Beautiful Lotus. Finally, we're working on a new full length entitled "The Mars Travolta". It's been a nice and slow year without a lot of activity but I got some much deserved relaxation out of the way (we did release 13 things in 2003 afterall!), and rock is going to commence soon. Still waiting on the Eddie Edwards side of the split as well, which we've been done with since late 2004!! Later.

04.09.2006: New EP for Audiobot "Dead as Dead is Dead" is currently at work. Featuring Adam with guitars from Lil Sean and Stu. All the haters can keep hating, but there are a few open minded people around here who support us. Thank you to Joe Harmon, Safe Sex, Impure Jazz, Fantasmagoriana, and Paris 1933. Local band type people who support us even if they don't always understand us. Check 'em out.

03.19.2006: A minor update. After a long delay. EP out on Crucial Bliss Records. We played a show recently and broke a guitar and there should be a video of it up .. somewhere .. soon. Working on an album for audiobot here and there but plan on taking a long vacation. Buy the new x died en route y album, "How to Make a Scream Queen Cream". It's a masterpiece. Long live Scissor Shock. We'll never die, sorry.

09.30.2005: We have a show at the Crump October 14th with Fantasmagoriana, Alien Dead, Paris 1933, Take Cover, Ghost of Maine, and like 700 other bands. $8, starts at 7pm. We go on first. All money goes to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Thanks!

09.02.2005: So much shit going on. We're releasing something through Crucial Bliss Records (a division of Crucial Blast); almost done with the new album for x died. Uh... lots of new stuff. There's at least 2 splits coming out as soon as certain bands finish their sides of the split. And uh...... I dunno. Probably lots of boring stuff. Columbus has died, there seems to be no shows around here, gas prices are high. Scissor Shock will die and speed noise will live forever. If you ever want to review one of our albums or interview me or do anything like that, go ahead and get ahold of me. Do it. And everyone have a nice day.

07.10.2005: The site didn't get a makeover. I just added some stuff. WELCOME JUSTIN MEIER TO THE BAND. Check out the pictures and other stuff section. And thanks for the support.

05.01.2005: New essay and members section. Look for the site to super-expand soon. Whoo boy. We're still trashy as hell, though, so don't worry.

04.22.2005: Yeah, so we're playing Michigan at some festival in July. July 29th, whoo. Watch for that.

04.15.2005: We have some shows coming up around town and one in Michigan this summer. Whoohoo! More details soon, son.

04.03.2005: MTV HELL reviews "the kids were filled with candy delicious, so we ate them". And, hey, it's a positive review. Thanks, guys. While you're there, check out the whole site. It's amazin'. Thanks to everyone who has bought my CD over the past month; we got 7 orders. Seriously. $35 in the bag, yo. The Hara Kari Kitty split.. my side is done, and his almost is. Exciting. We probably have a couple shows this summer, but you never know. Ta.

03.05.2005: New split with Evil Robot Ted. Good stuff, all around. John and I decided to stop hating each other long enough to work together. Coming next? In this order (maybe): Spread Ebola 3000 ep, Hari Kari Kitty split, Eddie Edwards split, Colombian Necktie split, and a new EP through brokecore. That should keep me busy for all of 2005. Remember, kids, if you love Scissor Shock and think I could release something good through your label, get in touch with me. We'll chat.

02.26.2005: Some compilation appearances, tons of splits, the usual. We have about 2000 friends on myspace now. Thanks to everyone who's supported us. If you want a copy of "the kids were filled with candy delicious so we ate them [deluxe edition]", send $5 to adam cooley 342 n gladstone ave columbus, in 47201. Please do that. Thanks.

12.18.2004: Rumor has that our fans are writing the web address to this web site on their money. That's cool. Thanks. Don't forget to add us on myspace if you like us. Discography updated a little bit with new compilation appearances. New song up on soundclick.

12.11.2004: Sean Edwards and Joe Crane have joined the band and are going to play tons of guitar noise live. We're going to practice and are looking for shows in 2005. Wherever, whenever, whatever. Look for new Scissor Shock tracks to be on m00k13's compilation, an MTVHell compilation, an X died en route Y compilation, and a compilation being put together by my friend from Red Cloud of Lakota Nation. Coming in 2005 (hopefully) will be the Spread Ebola 3000 single and splits with Eddie Edwards and Athenian Mercury. Keep buying our album, hahaha.

10.29.2004: New album, "Super Yum Surgeon Boy" is out... you can buy this masterpiece from xdey. Also, I separated all the shit on this site into sections. Join the street team or something.